May. 23, 2017

EVIDENCE Presentation

Courtroom Technology

In all courtrooms, every counsel table is equipped with VGA, 3.5mm Audio and HDMI connectivity that integrates with the court’s AV infrastructure(*). Each table has a total of four 110V power outlets.

All of this allows the presenter to connect selected electronic devices (such as laptops, media players, etc.) directly into the courtroom's audio/video system without the need of additional equipment

In every courtroom, ADA lecterns can be used to present digital evidence.

(*)Please note that the court does not provide any cable.


Evidence Cart

In addition, Portable Evidence Presentation Carts are available(**) to aid counsel in the presentation of evidence during trials.  The following policy has been established to provide guidance on the reserving and use of the equipment. The request must be made 48 hours in advance of the date, but no more than one week prior to the hearing date. There is no guarantee that an evidence cart will be available. The court has discretion to refuse a request if the requestor has a history of making a request and not notifying IS using the email address provided when the hearing has been cancelled or continued. Click Here to view the policy


(**)DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that an evidence cart will be available. The Court makes no representations or warranties that the media (e.g. DVD) will be recognized by the Court’s media player. The Court will not provide any adapter to allow connectivity with the user’s laptop, other than standard VGA. 


Submit a request for evidence cart reservation. Once your request is submitted, you should receive an  accepted/denied acknowldgment. Please save the email confirmation, it will contain information on how to communicate with the court in regards to your request.

By submitting a request you acknowledge that It is your responsibility to notify the court any changes in the proceeding that might effect your need for a Portable Evidence Presentation Cart (data/time changes, courtroom assignment, cancellation, etc.).

If there are any questions regarding use of technology in the courtroom, you may direct your questions to

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